We are a team of technology and finance entrepreneurs investing in the digital assets that will shape the future. We strongly believe that digital assets and the internet of value represent a very significant opportunity for wealth creation. Accordingly, we thoroughly analyze each project, market, and team to determine the best way to allocate our limited partners’ capital. Our limited partners are our long-term allies in this exciting journey of innovation and technological change.

Tokenmatch, an elite group of ICO teams present to small groups of investors that have the capacity and mandate to deploy capital. Investors come by invitation only and ICO teams are preselected through a rigorous process. The small room is the ideal setting to interact, provide and receive feedback, negotiate, and close deals in one day. 

Tokenizo will be the largest network of Investment Bankers in Latin AMerica that raise funds using Tokens. Our partners Bossa Nova Investimientos and Lydians Capital will build this partner network

Master Concessionair ( MCA ) owns food and beverage and retail airport concessions at 22 US Airports. In the last 9 years, MCA has grown its EBITDA 9 Fold. We now have $160 million in sales and more than 160 locations. MCA was founded in 1998.

A diverse team of abilities and experience that shares the passion for the digital medium. Inventarte has consultants, developers, graphic designers, illustrators, reporters and publicists whose abilities build amazing web projects. Since 2007, Inventarte has incubated a number of projects. experimenting and building the largest aggregator of blog content,  the #1 web based TV content, Games, mobile applications, just to name a few. .


Quantico trends is a web based social media monitoring tool for Latin American Companies. Quantico has been recognized by its customers and its peers. Quantico has won two awards, The Digital Bank Competition and the Telefonica sponsored Wayra competition, among 700 entries.