Peruvian game Crazy Combi has been played 100 million times


Crazy Combi, a Facebook game application based on a popular public transportation vehicle in Peru best known as "combi", has had great success since its launch in July 2009.

The Peruvian videogame, created by Javier Albarracin, has been played more than 100 million times and has reached two million unique users so far.

Given the high demand, Crazy Combi has now evolved to Crazy Combi 3D which is available on for absolutely free.

“If Crazy Combi reached more than 70000 fans in Facebook and 400000 unique users per month, with Crazy Combi 3D we hope to reach one million unique users in the first three months thanks to the innovations of this new version," said Javier Albarracin, who mentioned that US$ 3 million was invested in the game during a 3-year period.

One of the main innovations is the possibility of up to four players to play simultaneously and compete in real time.

Moreover, diverse combi models, sceneries and songs from Peruvian bands such as “La Sarita” and “Aeropajitas” have been included in the game.



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